It has often been suggested that Annie and Franny create and tour the world with their own traveling road show, simply because they have rhyming names. Since they are both very happy NYC dwellers, thank you very much, instead they have a production company.

Naturally, it is called warner | shaw.

Annie and Franny have collaborated on over 15 different projects since first meeting in 2002 including new plays and classics, adaptations of poetry and fiction, and devised theatre based on mythology and sacred texts.  Together in their theatrical adventures they have waded in the water, escaped Nazi Germany and war-ravaged Afghanistan, built bridges and homes, eaten six pomegranate seeds and much much more…

Years of collaboration led to the discovery that they really do share a brain, so they put their heads together formally and created a home for their shared endeavors.

warner | shaw is a breeding ground, incubator, nurturer, playground, laboratory, studio, and  space station.  We’re here to grow.